Our Values & Behaviors

Quorum associates aspire to make a difference for our hospital clients and our company. We are dedicated to providing an environment where our employees live and practice these values and behaviors every day. We approach our respective tasks with pride, with passion and with purpose. This inspires a strong sense of camaraderie at Quorum, and propels us forward as a company and as a team.


  • Identify the customer(s) in all interactions
  • Be proactive in anticipating needs, desires, and impact
  • Be partners and collaborate for mutual benefit
  • B appreciative, considerate, and conscientious


  • Be honest and transparent
  • Empower and extend trust to others
  • Honor commitments
  • Act with integrity


  • Listen and be open to other perspectives
  • Be mindful of others’ capacity and limits
  • Be responsive and clear

Our Core Behaviors

  • Treat everyone as a customer
  • Drive improvement and innovation
  • Live our values