Vantage Contract Master

Manage your risk, and your time.

Centralize, track and manage contracts to reduce risk associated with complex regulatory standards like Stark, Anti-Kickback and HIPAA with QHR’s centralized, searchable repository.


This system can be used by all departments in your organization to help reduce risk of sanctions and penalties, identify irregularities in payments, terms and conditions and help minimize the risk of checks being cut without fully executed and approved contracts in place. Developed by compliance professionals who work daily with nearly 150 health care organizations, Contract Master is an affordable solution to contract management.

Features include:

  • Real time access to a centrally located master list of all your business documents including contracts, business associate agreements, confidentiality statements and conflict of interest statements
  • Contract indexing and keyword searches by vendor, department and entity
  • Ability to attach PDF, Word, Excel and other documents
  • Email alerts at 120, 90, 60 and 30 days prior to contract termination
  • Compliance checklists indicating components required by your organization
  • Implementation planning and onsite support

For more information or a demonstration, call or contact the QHR Vantage team.