Management Advisory Services

Through Supported Leadership, Quorum supports client trustees with a wealth of experience, resources and education to help them effectively lead their community hospitals in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

We work for you.

At Quorum, we defend our clients’ autonomy and local governance. Under a hospital administrative services agreement, both Quorum and the CEO, as our on-site representative, are accountable to help your Board achieve its goals. And the average tenure of 21 years serving our management clients affirms the value our clients find in this supported leadership.

To help you outperform the competition.

Quorum provides a robust package of valuable services and top shelf resources to support the Board and its chosen CEO in enabling your organization to succeed in today’s evolving healthcare industry – from leading your hospital’s strategic planning process to specific operating best practices to education and training for your staff through the Quorum Learning Institute.

How QHR supports your goals:

Executive Success

  • CEO/CFO recruitment/training/networking
  • Regional advisory services
  • Decision support tools
  • Annual business plans

Operations Excellence

  • Experienced consultants
  • HealthTrust GPO
  • Strategic Service Partners
  • Specialized reimbursement support, for both PPS and Critical Access Hospitals

Performance Improvement

  • Monthly and annual results reports
  • Benchmarking
  • The Quorum Learning Institute

How Quorum Supports Trustees

Quorum supports trustees not only with seasoned advice from corporate and regional executives, but also through board training conducted at board meetings, at trustee conferences and new trustee orientation workshops, through monthly trustee Webinars, and in board publications such as the Q View and Board Minutes produced by the Quorum Learning Institute.

Critical Access Hospital Support

Quorum is the national leader providing operational and financial guidance to Critical Access Hospitals. LEARN MORE

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