We Make Local Healthcare Better

Control your destiny. Fulfill your mission to the community you serve. We’ll show you how.

We work with independent hospitals and health systems across the country, providing the insight, guidance, leverage and services that empower you to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Ensuring Local Access

From rural and small towns to mid- and larger-population centers, we help ensure that everyone in the community has local access to the best possible healthcare services.

Strengthening Your Capabilities

We deliver economies of scale through shared services, strengthening our clients’ financial, operating, supply chain and clinical capabilities.

We have supported and guided independent hospitals for 40+ years.

Since 1977, QHR Health has provided independent hospitals with the support and guidance needed to remain strong and viable. With a strong sense of purpose and commitment to service excellence, we help rural healthcare providers fulfill their missions.


We serve more than 215 independent hospitals and health systems.


We serve clients in 41 U.S. states.

Net Patient Revenue

We represent over $15 billion in net patient revenue.

Supply Chain Spend

We manage over $1.1 billion in supply chain spending.

Our Mission & Values

Through a great sense of purpose and service excellence, we collaborate with our clients to serve their communities at the highest level.

We Are Passionate

Urgent, Innovative, Guiding and Precise

We Are Caring

Trustworthy, Dedicated, Of Service and Respectful

We Are Forward-Thinking

Expert, Strategic, Relevant and Leading

We Are Advocates

Experienced, Consistent, Valuable, Responsible and Anticipatory

Our Vision

As the industry’s leading health solutions provider, QHR Health:

  • Collaborates with independent health systems across the country
  • Ensures that from rural and small towns to mid-and larger-population centers people in those communities have local access to the best possible services
  • Strengthens client financial, operational, and clinical capabilities so that our clients have economies of scale through shared services

Our clients are top-performing independent healthcare organizations.

QHR Health clients represent some of the country’s top-performing independent healthcare organizations and many have received national recognition, including:

QHR leadership conference


Meet Our Executive Leadership Team

We are former operators who have stood in your shoes. Our experience in independent hospital management is what makes QHR Health so effective.

Meet Our Team

We stand ready to help your independent community hospital or healthcare system excel.