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Board Leadership Webinar: High Reliability Organizations

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As we shift into a pandemic recovery mode, hospitals around the nation are assessing the past year’s challenges and planning what’s next for their organizations. Board leaders are looking to support their hospitals’ recovery by focusing on how to ensure their next steps are strong and sustainable. The focus must be put back on high reliability and a culture of safety as they pick up where they left off in their High Reliability Organization (HRO) journey.

The last year has taught us that the principles of high reliability and a culture of safety are needed now, more than ever. So, let’s examine where you are today, and kick start next steps!

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand key domains of high reliability to assess your progress and track ahead
  • Oversee the roadmap for success
  • Recognize how to be successful in your HRO and culture of safety journey

Who Should Attend:

  • Board of Directors
  • CEOs, CFOs CMOs, CNOs
  • Directors of Quality
  • Quality Leaders
  • Department Leaders