Supply Chain


Chargeable vs. Non-Chargeable: How to Determine Your Facility’s Supply Category

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Hospitals need to be cautious when billing supplies. How do you determine what is billable? What about covered, billable & payable? Or covered & billable, but packaged and not separately paid? Your facility may be missing revenue for supplies if you are not appropriately identifying the difference between billing and payment rules.

This course will discuss the recommended process for determining when to separately bill for supplies and how to determine if a supply is billable or not. Learn the best approach to guide your facility toward the best practice for chargeable/non-chargeable items.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a checklist for determining when a supply is billable or not
  • Understand Chargemaster management and best practices
  • Learn how to determine when to separately bill for supplies
  • Learn how to establish a process and methodology to be used for all supply items

Who Should Attend:

  • CFOs
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Chargemaster Director or Committee Members