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Lean Principles: Making Lean Work in Your Hospital

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There has never been a more important time for hospitals to make the most of their resources – to keep patients safe, keep staff productive and engaged, and for the hospital to improve financials. However, Lean improvements do not always sustain or live up to the hype. This webinar will help eliminate much of the frustration that can occur when Lean improvements are not adopted or gaining traction.

In this 1-hour webinar, QHR Health’s Terry Norris will help leaders gain the knowledge necessary to avoid the most common pitfalls when leading a Lean Transformation, including a step-by-step kick-off plan. The session will include information to make tangible, lasting improvements, as well as offer specific, proven tips to help you lead a successful Lean Transformation or simply succeed in making and sustaining improvements.

Participants will learn:

  • Review various options for starting a Lean Transformation
  • Understand leaders’ roles and responsibilities
  • Examine the common pitfalls when leading a Lean Transformation
  • Learn why Lean is called “Lean”, what Lean is and what Lean is not
  • Anticipate what to expect – the good and the challenges – when leading a Lean Transformation
  • Examine documented improvements from Lean transformations
  • Understand Lean as a people transformation tool (cultural change required)
  • Learn where Kaizen (Lean Rapid Improvement Events) comes into play

Who Should Attend?

  • Leadership
  • C-Suite
  • Directors
  • Managers