Thought Leadership White Papers

Are You Ready for Bundled Payments?

Bundled payments are increasingly seen as a reimbursement option that can reduce the cost of care through better care coordination by providers. Hospitals and other providers must weigh the pros and cons to decide whether and how to participate in this alternative payment source. Receive a Free Download in your inbox! required required required READ MORE

Back from the Brink: How Hospitals in Distress Can Survive and Thrive

Hospitals are especially vulnerable in today’s difficult economy. Increasing bad debt, reduced reimbursement and the high cost of technological change have created significant financial challenges. To survive, distressed hospitals must make informed, calculated and fast decisions. Immediate action may be the only way to turn a hospital from difficulty to profitability. Receive a Free Download in your inbox! required […] READ MORE

Can You Afford to Own Physician Practices?

In this country, physicians have traditionally cared for patients in small, privately-owned clinics. Today, the majority of young physicians are opting for employment at hospitals and health systems as opposed to practicing medicine in a private practice setting. Moreover, a growing number of established physicians have embraced hospital employment to eliminate the burden of healthcare […] READ MORE

Evaluating Your Community Health Needs Assessment

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or “ACA”) established new federal reporting requirements for not-for-profit 501(c)(3) hospitals beginning in 2013. One chief requirement is to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every three years and file a report and detailed findings of the hospital’s improvement implementation strategy both publicly and with the […] READ MORE

How to Prepare for CEO Turnover

Executive turnover is a fact in any business. Whatever the reason, a key responsibility of the Board is to have a leadership turnover plan in place to avoid the crisis that results in a leadership vacuum. Given today’s demanding healthcare environment, a leadership turnover plan is more important now than ever before. CEO turnover should never be a crisis. […] READ MORE

Leaning Forward: How Lean Helps Hospitals Drive and Sustain Improvement

Today’s hospitals must adapt quickly to survive, implementing targeted changes to improve while also reducing costs. Fortunately, hospitals can turn to Lean methods to drive continuous performance improvement – and achieve and sustain measurable improvements in quality, safety, satisfaction and cost. Lean helps position large and small hospitals in a marketplace where quality and efficiency […] READ MORE