Workforce Efficiency: Departmental Deep Dives

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Looking at volumes by day of week and time of day, versus staffing schedules, can help you understand how to adjust your department’s productivity to align with benchmarks. This course will define productivity, outline benchmarking and target setting for productivity, and show how to approach “digging into” departments that are not meeting productivity.

We will also explore examples on how to look at productivity on a departmental level, how to be growth-focused and increase volume, as well as focused on attrition to ensure the worked FTE level matches the volume output of the department.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn productivity basics
  • Understand how to set targets and benchmarking
  • Analyze in-depth examples of department staffing

Who Should Attend:

  • Finance department
  • Ancillary departments, including radiology, therapy, etc.
  • Other departments with dynamic volumes