Workforce Efficiency: Implementing an Effective Labor Management Program

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Staffing decisions are often made in siloes, without a centralized big-picture view of the organization and productivity goals. It is essential to staff your departments with the right skill mix and number of staff, as most hospitals expend more of their net revenue on labor costs than they should.  Decisions should be made based on quantitative data review and long-term needs, as on-going monitoring and data-driven decision making around staffing are necessary to ensure success over time.

QHR Health’s Jennifer Stephens will chart a path to implementing structures to proactively manage labor costs across the organization, discuss which metrics to track, illustrate how to set up your labor management program, and focus on key success factors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Setting up a Labor Steering Committee
  • Hardwire productivity into Position Control and Budgeting process
  • Monitor performance and develop action plans for correction as needed
  • Make hiring decisions based on clear guidelines

Who Should Attend:

  • Hospital Executives
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Accounting/Finance Managers
  • Productivity Management Staff