Compliance Program Questions Keeping You Awake at Night?

We offer many solutions to help hospitals and health systems achieve optimal compliance during a very unsure time. Our healthcare compliance consultants have more than 75 years of combined experience helping organizations promote a culture of compliance and achieve a focused and resolute commitment to strong leadership in the face of constantly changing rules and regulations. Below are just two of our offerings:

A Compliance Risk Assessment

Federal Guidelines and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) compliance program guidance emphasize the importance of proactive compliance monitoring and auditing.

An annual risk assessment provides a strong foundation for an effective compliance monitoring and auditing program. Our  consultants will identify compliance risks based on the OIG work plan, government enforcement activity, regulatory changes, and organizational compliance activity.  Identified risks will be assessed according to the potential impact, vulnerability, and controls currently in place.  The risk profile is developed to demonstrate the highest priority initiatives for your organization.

The risk assessment results will be used to drive the development of a compliance monitoring and auditing plan designed engage the organization in the proactive monitoring and auditing activity expected by the government while focusing efforts in an efficient manner.  The plan facilitates tracking and communication of audit results.

Compliance Program Assessment

Again, Federal Guidelines and other compliance program guidance require periodic evaluation of your compliance program’s effectiveness.  We can help you.

Periodic independent, objective compliance program assessments demonstrate an organization’s commitment to maintaining an effective program.  Our consultants can help you identify gaps in your compliance programs and optimize the program to maximize effectiveness.

Our consultants will provide a comprehensive compliance program assessment to evaluate your compliance program’s alignment with the elements described in government guidance and the effectiveness of the program in its current state.  Quorum’s compliance program assessment can identify opportunities for the enhancement and evolution as well as validate the processes already in place.

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