Physician Practice Excellence

Build stable relationships with practice management solutions.

An employed physician network plays a strategic role for most healthcare systems in meeting the healthcare needs of the community and leading the transition to value based reimbursement models.  Maintaining a productive and effective relationship between providers and your health system requires balancing several important factors. Patient access, provider engagement, quality of care, patient satisfaction, operations management and your organization’s revenue cycle management process all contribute to the strength of this relationship. Successful recruitment and retention strategies are also essential to your operational performance, and provider and physician compensation plays a major role in achieving successful alignment between physicians and your health system’s goals.

Utilizing a comprehensive approach to assess the physician enterprise, QHR helps clients with all aspects of managing physician practices and relationships. Examples include:

  • QHR experts assist practice leadership teams in assessing current patient access systems, setting realistic targets, and developing performance improvement plans to improve patient access. Effective patient access systems allow health systems to meet patient needs for access to ambulatory care and reduce inefficient use of providers and support staff.
  • Physician and staff alignment and engagement are key to improving operational performance.  QHR helps develop physician compensation models that align operations, outcomes and compensation, resulting in sustainable operational improvements in practice efficiencies, clinical outcomes, and patient experience.
  • QHR experts aid in developing a population health road-map that supports health system priorities. The primary care practice plays a key role in the shift to value-based reimbursement models, and in fostering improved population health.
  • For areas meeting criteria for provider shortages, rural health clinics provide a means for stabilizing access to primary care. QHR experts can assist in evaluating the RHC opportunity as well as assist with making the operational changes needed to comply with RHC standards.

Featured Capabilities

  • Population Health Road-map
  • Clinic Workflow Design
  • Financial Gap Analysis
  • Leadership Development/Mentoring
  • Operational Implementation Support
  • Practice Manager Training
  • Physician Analytics
  • Service Line Assessment
  • Assessments
    • Practice Operations
    • Revenue Cycle
  • Rural Health Clinics
    • Start-Up
    • Survey Readiness
    • Program Review
  • Compensation Design



How Your Healthcare Organization can Improve Patient Access

How Your Healthcare Organization Can Improve Patient Access

Patient access is a key driver in the efficient use of healthcare resources, patient satisfaction, provider engagement and profitability. Access to care is a large-scale concern for health systems at a time of rising consumerism and professional workforce shortages. And, access is foundational to achieving Quadruple Aim objectives for quality, experience, health and provider engagement.


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