Population Health and Community Care Management

Achieve improved access and wellness.

With the move towards value-based care, access and wellness are growth initiatives that all hospitals must consider. One of the main market forces driving change is the retail newcomers entering the healthcare space for the first time. And as hospitals seek to create healthier communities and reduce the cost of care; a robust wellness program has become the standard for all hospitals.

Health systems have been working on population health for some time now; however, managing population health well is essential to improve access and care for complex health issues (e.g., chronic disease, substance abuse, mental health issues) in your service area. To address the social detriments of health and improve the health of a community long-term, you need the right data and assessment of strengths and capabilities to enhance the consumer healthcare experience.

How We Help Our Clients

Every community has a unique mix of healthcare challenges and systems. Here are some imperatives you need to get right to achieve improved access and wellness for the population you serve:

  • Participate in an alternative payment model to access data to reduce resource utilization in a community.
  • Utilize data insight to drive greater coordination of care and to create targeted patient engagement strategies.
  • Ensure physicians and providers are fully engaged and aligned in a system of care. 
  • Focus on collaborating with physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers to achieve coordinated, high-quality care for their communities.
  • Collaborate with the city, and governmental organizations can help providers create programs to improve access to housing, healthy food, etc.
  • Assess your facility’s electronic health record (EHR) system is efficiently capturing patient data to inform care decisions.


Moving Beyond Treating Illness
White Paper

Population Health: Moving Beyond Treating Illness to Improving the Health of a Community

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