Finance and Reimbursement

React to change with experience, insight, and innovation.

Value based reimbursement models have changed the game in healthcare. From changing how healthcare is delivered to understanding value based contracts and payments, these new population health initiatives are disrupting traditional payment structures and changing our understanding of how to find financial stability. Amid all this uncertainty and change, hospital finance teams need to find new ways to achieve the right reimbursement mix while maintaining compliant with government regulations.

No matter your organization’s size or mission, you’ll need the right analysis and tools to help you make sound investments, expand your markets, and make meaningful long-term financial relationship decisions. QHR’s Finance & Reimbursement team has more than 150 years of combined experience providing financial advisory services and reimbursement support to more Critical Access Hospitals than any other firm in the country and is committed to helping you navigate these turbulent models of value based healthcare delivery.

Featured Capabilities

  • Cost report analysis
  • Critical access hospital studies
  • Reimbursement advisories
  • Clinic studies
  • Medicare geographic reclassification
  • Wage index reviews
  • Regulatory research & resolution
  • Financial advisory services
  • Vantage critical access hospital reimbursement modeler


Leaning Forward
White Paper

Leaning Forward: How Lean Helps Hospitals Drive and Sustain Improvement

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