Managed Care & Payer Contracts

Establish the right strategy to avoid unforeseen reimbursement issues.

As health systems continue to transition to value-based care, payer contracts and managed care has taken on a new level of importance.

Your hospital needs managed care contracts; we help ensure your contracts protect your organization. Negotiating managed care contracts can be time consuming and overwhelming. Get it right and your hospital can make more money. Get it wrong, and you may end up locked into a contract that doesn’t make sense for your business. Why suffer through the process when a seasoned negotiator can work effectively on your behalf?

You retain control and approval of negotiating parameters, while our seasoned professionals put their skills to work for you. Knowledgeable and experienced with all the major payers, our negotiators can save you time and headaches, and win you more revenue. Guided by your goals, we use our tools and experience to help you develop a strategy specific to your organization; and our negotiators carry it out with your oversight.

How We Help Our Clients

“QHR’s extensive knowledge of the insurance ‘players’ and knowledge of common contract pitfalls have helped us navigate the insurance minefield and come out with a consistent approach to the contract decision making process. Our QHR consultant has become an indispensable asset to our managed care contract review and negotiation processes."

Doug Efferson

Homer Memorial Hospital

Homer, Louisiana

Featured Capabilities

  • Contract review and assessment
  • Contract negotiations
  • Review of key managed care processes
  • Strategic assessment of managed care market


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