Workforce Efficiency

Improve productivity and healthcare workforce efficiency.

Consider what your hospital or health system faces today when comparing revenue to expenses. From 2011-2015 alone, approximately 30 percent of the 3,000 acute hospitals in the United States had negative operating margins each year. Rising labor costs, payer mix variation, and regulatory changes add pressure on these already tight ratios. Plus, an aging population means the potential for a widespread shortage of physicians and nurses in the near future is very real.

In order to deliver high-quality care and become a more efficient healthcare workforce against these trends, hospitals and health systems need to rethink traditional staffing models and find a more efficient solution. Our approach is tailor-made for each individual health system, to ensure your staffing model meets the needs of your community. We combine decades of consulting guidance and operations experience from organizations of all sizes to provide health systems with the right tools to create customized staffing models to efficiently deliver care and achieve your productivity potential.

How We Help Our Clients

  • Align staffing with patient need
  • Enhance quality of patient care
  • Develop strategies to increase revenue
  • Identify barriers and opportunities for improvement
  • Set realistic staffing targets
  • Address anticipated workforce shortages

Featured Capabilities

  • Align labor deployment with revenue
  • Identify barriers and opportunities
  • Set deployable tactics and goals
  • Enhance financial health
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Heighten visibility that promotes informed staffing decisions
  • Improve quality outcomes
  • Compete in value-based care models


QHR’s proprietary productivity management tool, gives your executives, managers and front-line supervisors the information they need to consistently staff at appropriate levels

Custom Targets

Set targets that meet or exceed national benchmarks and reflect your unique operating environment

Reduce Labor Costs

Improve cost center efficiency with targets and reports specific to each department

Greater Flexibility

Continuously adjust staffing levels as patient volumes fluctuate

Detect Trends

Get insights into how metrics like productivity, overtime usage and skill mix change over time and how those changes impact financial goals


Workforce Efficiency

Workforce Efficiency: Sustainable Change for Bottom Line Impact

As the shift from volume to value-based care and reimbursement continues to gain momentum, providers must rethink traditional staffing models and develop a targeted strategy to maximize resource utilization and reduce labor expenses amidst fluctuating volumes and increasingly tighter margins


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