Hospital Management

More Than Management

QHR' Team Provides Support and Cost Savings

Board Support

Providing subject matter experts to help boards identify and guide the best strategic direction for their hospital.

  • Advisor to Board and Board Chair
  • Annual Board Member Conference
  • Annual business planning
  • Annual CEO evaluation
  • Annual Operational Performance report
  • Attend Board and Finance Committee Meetings in person

Board Education

QHR Learning Institute gives board members access to ongoing education from subject matter experts.

  • Monthly Trustee Webinars
  • Monthly Trustee Newsletter
  • Annual Board Member Conference
  • Annual Board Essentials Conference
  • Free Access to all QHR Learning Institute Education

GPO Access

Access to a national GPO and logistics support to help boards find savings in their supply chain.

  • Access to HealthTrust market
  • GPO contract and vendor support
  • 8-12% in cost savings
  • Global product catalog
  • Access to Supply AdVantage Analytics and Reporting
  • Additional discounts with 120 vendors

Your Support Team

Regional Vice President

Responsible for all aspects of hospital operations and finance

Associate Vice President

Responsible for direct support of the CFO and hospital finance

Regional Financial Analyst

Responsible for financial analytics, benchmark comparisons, and financial operating reviews

Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement (HFR) Director

Responsible for reviewing the cost report, contractual allowance model, and providing reimbursement advice under the Medicare program

Solutions Designed From Experience

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Current Multi Year Hospital Clients
Clients Served Over Four Decades
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