QHR Health Triage Service

Managing Resources and Patient Volumes


QHR Health, in partnership with Geneia (and Salesforce’s Health Cloud) has brought together an information and care-management shared-service resource to help hospitals and care teams triage, monitor and navigate patients to the right care destinations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inquiring Callers Can Be:

Directed to Educational Resources

Routed to a Nurse for Clinical Assessment

Routed to the Nearest Testing Station

Directed to the Nearest Emergency Department

Starting immediately and at no cost for the first six months, QHR Health clients can use Geneia’s Theon® Platform for Care Management to easily triage, outreach to and engage patients for care coordination during this time of unprecedented call volume, patient concern and COVID-19 diagnoses.

Providing the ability for our clients to outsource the anticipated influx of COVID-19 patient diagnosis inquiries, the QHR Health shared-service solution utilizes a customized care management workflow capability that helps triage patients by guiding healthcare professionals to gather pertinent information and route callers to the appropriate next-best action.

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