How My Career Path Led Me to QHR: Brendan Rokke

At QHR, we’re proud to have a team of talented healthcare professionals whose careers led them to not only healthcare, but to our company. With their experience and dedication, we can fulfill our mission of helping hospitals and health systems across the country be as successful as they can be. This month, we reached out to Brendan Rokke, Director of Strategy. After working with us for the last two years, we wanted to find out what pivotal moments in his career led him to QHR.


What attracted you to healthcare?

While in college I recognized how important the healthcare industry is. It’s certainly important to the health of people in our country, both from helping sick people get well and helping those that are well maintain their good health.  Furthermore, it is a financial engine both at the local level and from a country-wide perspective.  I was driven to work in such an important and dynamic field.


Can you share 2 former positions that you held prior to this one that you believe were vital to you earning your current position?

As a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, I interacted with physicians and staff daily and found out over time that I understood the specific challenges of delivering both primary and specialty care services well. However, I knew very little about what drove the changes in healthcare delivery such as healthcare reform, consumerism, reimbursement, market dynamics, etc.  Thus, I chose to leave pharmaceutical sales to go back to school to earn a Master of Healthcare Administration.

As an entry-level healthcare consultant, I had the opportunity to be a part of stakeholder interviews, perform market analyses, work with data and interact with healthcare leaders.  I began to learn that the challenges I saw working directly with physicians and providers also found their way to the management, leadership and board levels of hospitals and health systems. This first consulting role gave me a deep respect for all the players working in healthcare, and how success doesn’t just happen.  Instead, it takes focused, consistent effort and planning across a team of people.


What have been some of your favorite moments along your career path?

One of my favorite moments in my career was when my pharmaceutical sales team won a team performance award during my last full year in the position.  It was a proud moment to join my team on the stage as we knew the work it took to get to that point. 

From a general perspective, seeing and feeling the genuine appreciation from healthcare leaders and board members during a successful strategic planning retreat and delivery of a strategic plan never gets old.  Our team understands the vital role we play in helping healthcare organizations plan for their future, and we take that responsibility very seriously.  Matching our planning process and deliverables to the organization’s expectations can really provide exceptional results.


What do you enjoy most about your position?

I enjoy having the opportunity to work with healthcare leaders to solve problems and put together plans for future success.  There is a high degree of uncertainty in healthcare, and planning must include consideration of many different factors.  It is fun to think about market dynamics and changes, competitive positioning, and how one strategy may affect the organization and its other strategies.


If you could share one piece of advice from your own career with someone first starting out, what would it be?

Ask your colleagues and clients a lot of questions.  Most people have so much to offer from past experiences—both successes and failures.  The more you learn from others, the better chance you have to bring immediate and meaningful value to your colleagues and clients.


Healthcare is full of incredible personnel and at QHR, we couldn’t be more grateful that pivotal moments in Brendan’s career path led him to work with us and our community hospitals. Thank you for leading your team in working with healthcare leaders so we can help solve problems and put together plans for future success. We love how you make QHR even better each day Brendan!



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