How My Career Path Led Me to QHR: Michael Corbett

At Quorum Health Resources (QHR), we’re proud to have talented healthcare professionals lead our teams to successfully help hospitals and health systems across the country. This month, we’re spotlighting Michael Corbett, Associate Vice President, Clinical and Operational Improvement. After working with us for more than five years, we wanted to know what led him to not only healthcare, but to QHR.


What attracted you to healthcare? 

My family is deeply involved in healthcare and I knew I always wanted to be involved too. After receiving advice from several current physicians, I decided to transition out of medical school, but I knew I still wanted to stay in healthcare because I’m passionate about it. While I wasn’t continuing the path of a practicing physician, I knew I still wanted to fuel that passion. It was then that I decided to pursue a master’s in healthcare administration. This way, I could continue to partner with individuals, facilities and communities in their support of providing high quality patient-centered care every day.


Can you share 2-4 former positions that you held prior to this one that you believe were vital to you earning your current position?   

In my most recent position before QHR, I was a senior consultant and project manager at a large national consulting firm that partnered with large academic medical centers and systems. This firm worked to increase efficiency, enhance department outcomes in case management and nursing and improve the overall experience and flow of patients throughout their care. During my time at this company, I had the opportunity to experience and understand the solutions to drive change on all levels. This strengthened my ability in assisting teams navigate through change.

Prior to my consulting experience, I had the opportunity to work inside community and academic hospitals as a case management leader, surgical services coordinator, physician office manager and system billing officer. Each of the previous listed positions continually challenged me and provided me the opportunity to see how everything in healthcare is connected and it’s rare that a movement in one area doesn’t affect another. The experience I gained through each of these positions set the stage for my continued success today and there isn’t one I would remove if I could do it over again.


What have been some of your favorite moments along your career path?

Each position I’ve held throughout my career has been enjoyable to me because I found a way to connect each of them to my passion of improving people’s lives. However, I see my current position as really bringing all the different experiences into a complete solution. Today, I serve team members and hospitals to support their path forward and it brings great satisfaction to me when individuals, facilities or communities achieve success through change.


What do you enjoy most about QHR?

I enjoy working with our team and how we share a passion to improve each community we serve. The team at QHR is second to none and one that truly is driven by the relationships and missions of facilities we work with each and every day.


If you could share one piece of advice from your own career with someone first starting out, what would it be? 

Find your passion and chase it. Most people have to work, so why not strive to have your work support your passion? When work is aligned with your passion, it not only allows you to put more heart and effort behind it, but it allows your clients and team members to see your driving passion.


Without leaders like Michael at QHR, we couldn’t do what we love: Partner alongside hospitals and healthcare systems across the country to guide them towards being the most successful healthcare facilities they can be. Thank you for bringing your passion for healthcare to QHR because it truly makes a difference in how we serve our community hospitals. We couldn’t be happier to have you on our team and wouldn’t be where we are without you Michael!

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