Managing Charge Performance: Series II – Charge Capture Excellence

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 | 10:30 am - 11:30 am CST

Successful charging performance goes beyond your Chargemaster. Learn how to promote Charge Capture Excellence and enable your organization to receive the appropriate reimbursement for the services provided. This is the second of a series related to Managing Charge Performance and will address steps for promoting strong charge capture performance to enable and proper reimbursement.

Does your hospital have effective charge capture workflows with a structure to oversee and measure the success of this critical process? In this webinar we will discuss charge capture work flows, common breakdowns and ways to manage this process to enable your organization to drive appropriate reimbursement. Don’t put your Hospital at risk by not managing your charging processes!

This 1-hour webinar will share insights on how to manage the CDM to promote strong charge performance, with emphasis on:

  • Charge capture work flows
  • Common technology structure within charging workflows
  • Role & responsibility for proper charge management – It’s not one person
  • Common risk points
  • The role of the department, CDM Coordinator and Coders
  • Organizational policies
  • Charge reconciliation
  • Management oversight

Who should attend?

  • CFO
  • Chargemaster Coordinator
  • Revenue Cycle Director
  • HIM Director
  • PFS Director
  • Clinical revenue generating department leaders

Participants will Learn

  • Orientation to common charge capture workflows and their enabling technology
  • Key process risk points within charging work flows
  • Roles and Responsivities for successful charge capture
  • Organization oversight and reconciliation recommendations


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Presenters for this event:

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Principal, Revenue Cycle Services, QHR