Being a hospital trustee is a serious responsibility.

QHR supports client trustees with a wealth of experience, resources and education to help them effectively lead their community hospitals in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

We work for you.

At QHR, we defend our clients’ autonomy and local governance. Under a hospital administrative services agreement, both QHR and the CEO, as QHR’s on-site representative, are accountable to your Board.

To help you outperform the competition.

QHR provides a robust package of valuable services and top shelf resources to support the Board and its chosen CEO in enabling your organization to succeed in today’s evolving healthcare industry – from leading your hospital’s strategic planning process to specific operating best practices to education and training for your staff through the QHR Learning Institute.

How QHR supports your goals.

  • Executive Success
    • CEO/CFO recruitment
    • Regional advisory services
    • Decision support tools
    • Annual business plans
  • Operations Excellence
    • Experienced consultants
    • HealthTrust GPO
    • Strategic Service Partners
  • Performance Improvement
    • Monthly and annual results reports
    • Benchmarking
    • The QHR Learning Institute

How QHR Supports Trustees

QHR guides trustees with a set of operating best practices, including a self-evaluation to encourage improvement. Actively participating in monthly board meetings, your regional advisor helps you develop and monitor progress on your customized three-year strategic plan. Learn more about the wide range of trustee-specific educational resources offered by the QHR Learning Institute.