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QHR Health and Gritman Medical Center CFO Discuss Workforce Productivity

Ryan Nestrick and Dani Lynas Address Idaho Hospital Association Annual Conference

SUN VALLEY, ID– QHR Health, a leading shared service solutions provider for independent hospitals and health systems nationwide, announces Gritman Medical Center CFO Dani Lynas and QHR Health Senior Vice President Ryan Nestrick are presenting at the Idaho Hospital Association Annual Conference. In their presentation, Long Term Strategies for Your Most Valuable Resource: Key Workforce Learnings from Gritman Medical Center, Lynas and Nestrick will discuss how independent hospitals can contend with workforce challenges including increased labor costs, a shrinking labor pool, high turnover and utilization of contract labor.

“For nearly all hospital leaders, workforce is their top one, two and three priorities,” said Nestrick. “That’s why hospitals like Gritman Medical Center are increasingly evaluating staffing levels against patient volumes, patient acuity and industry benchmarks to better manage labor costs.”

For example, a small Midwestern hospital needed to rapidly make significant and strategic cuts to expenses. QHR Health performed a holistic workforce assessment, pinpointed significant deviations from the organization’s productivity goals, optimized staff levels and ultimately helped the hospital to reduce labor expenses by $2.5 million while preserving patient-facing clinical staff. To learn more about QHR Health’s workforce solution, read the blog, Improving Healthcare Workforce Productivity Without Cutting Staff.

Lynas and Nestrick will present on Tuesday, October 4 at 10:15 am Mountain. To learn more about Idaho Hospital Association Annual Conference, visit: https://teamiha.org/annual-convention/.


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