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QHR Health CEO: Don’t Predict. Prepare for 2023.

Six areas of guidance for independent hospitals  


Brentwood, TNQHR Health, a leading shared service solutions provider strengthening independent community healthcare, announces a new blog by QHR Health CEO Dr. Dwayne Gunter with insight and guidance for independent hospitals preparing for a challenging 2023. 

Hospitals and health systems are experiencing the worst margins since the beginning of the pandemic, putting 2022 on track to be the worst financial year since the crisis began. More than half of hospitals (53 percent) are projected to have negative margins through 2022. Under a pessimistic scenario, KaufmanHall estimates 68 percent of hospitals will have negative margins this year.  

What’s driving negative margins – increasing expenses for labor, supply, purchased services, drugs and more plus decreasing inpatient volumes, utilization of revenue resources and reimbursement – is highly likely to persist in 2023. That means it will be just as difficult to manage an independent hospital in 2023.  

“This year has been an especially challenging one for independent hospitals and the challenges are highly likely to persist in 2023,” said Dr. Dwayne Gunter, CEO, QHR Health. “That’s why QHR Health is counseling hospitals and health systems to get ready.”  

In his new blog, Dr. Gunter discusses six areas of guidance for independent hospitals: 

  1. Complete Annual Strategic Plans and Review Quarterly 
  2. Collaborate and Explore Unique Partnerships to Create “Systemness”  
  3. Prioritize Culture to Help Mitigate Workforce Challenges 
  4. Leverage Price Transparency Data 
  5. Create and Hone Your Outpatient Strategy 
  6. Become a Convenor of Resources 

To read Dr. Gunter’s blog, visit: Independent Hospitals: Don’t Predict. Prepare for 2023.


At QHR Health, our focus is strengthening independent community healthcare. For more than 40 years, QHR Health has collaborated with independent hospitals and health systems to ensure that people in communities, ranging from small towns to larger population centers, have local access to quality healthcare services. Through our portfolio of tech-enabled shared services, QHR Health helps independent hospitals outperform their peers in financial, operational and quality metrics through leverage and economies of scale. To learn how, visit ( or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter 

Andrea Durkin