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QHR Health: Lean Philosophy Offers Solution to Healthcare System Needs

June 21, 2022

BRENTWOOD, TN – The current cost trajectory of healthcare has created an urgent need for improved care delivery. The Commonwealth Fund’s Mirror, Mirror 2021, comparing the performance of healthcare systems of high-income countries, found the United States trails far behind on measures of healthcare affordability, administrative efficiency, equity, outcomes and overall care delivery. This need has led hospitals and health systems to rethink operational management practices.

Adapted from the manufacturing industry, Lean is a system-wide strategy to eliminate waste of resources and time through an ongoing system of improvement. Using Lean principles, employees and members of the organization continually strive to identify areas of waste and eliminate anything that does not add value for patients.

“The approach offers a competitive advantage, leading hospitals to implement a Lean management philosophy,” said Erika Sundrud, Vice President, Care Transformation, QHR Health. “When well executed, Lean transforms a hospital’s operational capacity to sustain high levels of quality and safety and improve care outcomes.”

In a recent article, QHR Health, a leading shared service solutions provider strengthening independent, community healthcare, shared five insights to implement a Lean transformation including:

  • Understand what Lean is and what it’s not.

An understanding of the Lean philosophy is essential to successful transformation and sustained improvements in patient care and staff satisfaction.

  • Lead the transformation from the top.

Lean is a people transformation and requires passionate senior leaders at the forefront to engage and empower employees.

  • Build a core of internal Lean leaders.

Because Lean is a management philosophy, it is imperative internal leaders are aligned around expectations and strategy to lead transformation.

To read the article, 5 Proven Tips for Making Lean Work in Your Hospital, click here.

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