Doug Wenke

Director of Pharmacy

Cody Regional Health

As the Director of Pharmacy at Cody Regional Health, Doug is responsible for overseeing both the clinical and business operations for all medication related services. He is particularly involved with ensuring safe and efficient pharmacy services with a primary goal of creating and sustaining value in the drug utilization process.

Doug brings over 15 years of experience to his role, including experience working in both the retail, infusion, and long term care pharmacy areas. As a result of this background, he brings a holistic style of management to the services that pharmacy provides.

Doug is a Wyomingite and a Poke to the core. He attended pharmacy school in Laramie Wyoming and was fortunate enough to land back in his home town of Cody. Outside of his role at Cody Regional Health, one can find him enjoying all the outdoor space that the wild area has to offer.