Ivette Avila

Physician Practice Manager

Hendry Regional Medical Center, Clewiston, Florida

Ivette Avila is the Physician Practice Manager for the Dr. James D. Forbes Family Care Center a rural health clinic located in Clewiston, Florida. She also manages the General Surgery clinic that is also located in Clewiston and oversees the Medical Staff and Credentialing Department for Hendry Regional Medical Center.

The Dr. James D. Forbes Family Care Center is staffed with 2 Full Time Medical Providers, 1 Full Time Pediatrician, 2 Full time APRNs, and 1 Part Time Pediatric APRN. The General Surgery clinic has two full time surgeons.

Clewiston, known as “America’s Sweetest Town,” is a small rural community with a population of a little over 8,000. Clewiston is centrally located at the south west side of Lake Okeechobee, 60 miles west of Palm Beach and 60 miles east of Fort Myers. Lake Okeechobee is the largest freshwater lake in the state of Florida, attracting many fishermen to the area. Clewiston is also a large farming community and is home to U.S. Sugar, the country’s largest producer of sugarcane and cane sugar.

Ivette graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida with her Bachelor’s in Nursing and began her career in Surgery. While working in surgery she learned all aspects of surgery from working the Outpatient Surgery Department to scrubbing into surgeries. After seven years of surgery work, Ivette became the RN Clinical Coordinator for the Clinics in Clewiston and Labelle. She became the Physician Practice Manager for Clewiston in 2019.

In Ivette’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys traveling, going to the beach, working out, and shopping.