Tammy Angell

Physician Practice Manager

Hendry Regional Medical Center, Clewiston, Florida

Tammy Angell is the physician practice manager for Hendry Regional Convenient Care Center, one of 2 rural health care clinics associated with Hendry Regional Medical Center. Hendry Regional Convenient Care Center is located 32 miles west of Hendry Regional Medical Center in the small, friendly, historical town of Labelle, Florida. Labelle has a population of 5,400 and is known for its beautiful Oak trees and citrus farming.

Hendry Regional Convenient Care is currently staffed by 1 Medical Doctor, 1 Pediatrician and 3 APRNs.  The clinic offers a wide range of services including general surgery, radiology procedures and laboratory services. Hendry Regional Convenient Care Center also oversees medical personnel at Hendry County jail.

Tammy has 18 years of retail management before crossing over to the medical field. Tammy worked for a long-term care nursing facility as business office manager for 4 years before joining the team at Hendry Regional Medical Center as practice manager in May 2019. In Tammy’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her 14-year-old son, directing her community’s local beauty pageant or crafting.