Client Success Story

QHR Health Client Success Story: Huron Regional Medical Center


Huron Regional Medical Center (HRMC) is a 25-bed, critical access hospital in Huron, South Dakota. HRMC sought to strengthen its commitment to hospital quality and patient safety.

QHR Health Solutions

HRMC engaged the QHR Health Clinical Team to assess and help the organization ensure the care provided at HRMC is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable and patient-centered and HRMC has high quality data that drives process improvements.

During the engagement, QHR Health collaborated with HRMC to:

  • Develop and educate HRMC staff on patient safety initiatives, including the root cause analysis (RCA) and peer review processes, safety event classification and leader roles and responsibilities for safety events.
  • Redesign the HRMC committee structure to include physician-led meetings.
  • Reinforce culture of safety with high reliability organization (HRO) education to board members and executive leadership, institution of tiered huddles and leadership safety rounds in departments and a hospital AHRQ culture of safety survey followed by action planning with departmental leaders.
  • Perform a CMS Mock Survey and identify priority action items.
  • Elevate the hospital quality program with department level and physician scorecards, quality program training for leaders and huddle boards.


From 2021 to 2022, safety event reporting has increased by 265 percent and good catches/near misses have increased by 1700 percent.

Client Quote

“As someone who is new to the role of quality leader, I am very appreciative of QHR Health’s leadership support and mentoring. I feel like I have a whole team of support guiding Huron Regional Medical Center and me as we strive to improve our quality and patient safety.”

Destiny Finn, RN
Director of Quality and Risk Management
Huron Regional Medical Center

“New to the facility, I see how QHR Health has assisted in improving the way quality is measured and reviewed. I have been very pleased with the way they have helped the quality director in her position and have given her the tools and resources that were needed. 

HRMC has expanded their quality and safety programs with the help of QHR Health. The training they provided the directors has also improved the way HRMC does and looks at quality and safety. We have now focused on being an HRO, which makes the future very exciting.”

DeeAnna Opstedahl, RN, MSN, CNOR
Vice President of Nursing
Huron Regional Medical Center