Hospital Group Purchasing

Access the same pricing as the investor-owned hospital systems.

Bringing you access to HealthTrust, Quorum Purchasing Advantage (QPA) group purchasing services deliver competitively priced and high quality supplies for hospitals and healthcare providers. In fact, item by item comparison shows our discounts are, on average, 7-12% greater than other group purchasing organizations (GPOs).

Supply Chain Support

It’s easy to develop weak links in your hospital supply chain. It’s not always easy to find and fix them. Quorum Purchasing Advantage (QPA) provides onsite support — from GPO implementation and beyond. Regional supply chain professionals work with your materials manager to assess your processes and drive fast and sustainable improvements in savings, service and satisfaction. Annual GPO compliance reviews focusing on hospital supply optimization help you meet your supply chain goals. Our hospital supply chain support staff can further assist with contract negotiations, capital acquisition strategies, non-salary expense reduction and materials manager mentoring and development.

Tools to sharpen performance.

Whether it’s day-to-day supplies or major equipment investments, we provide leading edge analytics and interpretation to help maximize hospital supply optimization, saving you money.

More ways to save

  • Benchmarking
  • MD Buyline
  • Supply AdVantage
  • Off-contract reporting
  • CMRP Training
  • Networking meetings

Strategic Service Partners

We’ve identified high quality service and product providers not included in a typical Group Purchasing Organization portfolio, to help you get the most value from all of your purchases. We help our hospital clients save approximately 18% on these specialized products and services each year. Our account managers serve as liaisons to help address any client questions or concerns with these preferred vendors.

Beyond supplies, save on specialized services.

QPA has negotiated discounts with more than 100 venders for products and services not included in a supply portfolio, such as IT systems, orthopedic implants, ED outsourcing, physician recruiting – even refurbished equipment.