Technology Optimization

Quorum’s Healthcare Information Technology consultants can help design and execute an IT strategy that addresses your hospital’s specific needs. We can help you align IT investments with business objectives to drive change management to achieve successful IT implementation and adoption. Your hospital can also improve transitions of care, population health management, and overall quality efforts through system optimization.

Maximize your investment.

We help clients maximize the value of their IT investment. Quorum’s IT consultants can help develop the business case for needed improvements and help you determine the specific system needs critical to attaining your goals. We can help you streamline processes and workflows to maximize efficiency and configure systems to address patient safety and security concerns. In addition, our IT team can help hospitals:

  • Improve current practices, methods, and patterns of treatment
  • Develop, implement, and standardize efficient approaches of care
  • Identify and eliminate process variations and apply best practices
  • Discover patterns and trends that reveal improvement opportunities • Utilize analytics and care management to improve care quality
  • Better synchronize your IT workflow, staff, and technology
  • Access quality data to continually improve performance
  • Improve physician adoption
  • Increase patient satisfaction

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