Compliance & Business Ethics

Develop and implement effective compliance programs.

Healthcare compliance complexity increasingly changes with new and updated laws, rules and regulations.

  • Are you confident your compliance program meets the expectations of the Department of Justice and Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Services?
  • Are you actively promoting a culture of compliance with your stakeholders, engaged and focused on ethical behavior?
  • If not, how will you respond when a healthcare compliance event inevitably occurs?

To maintain healthcare compliance and to avoid penalties, your health system needs an effective and active compliance program that meets the needs of your entire organization. QHR Health’s experienced compliance solutions team can help you leverage technology and resources available today to drive your compliance program to prevent, detect, and respond to fraud, waste, and abuse. Whether assessing existing policies, procedures, tools and forms; evaluating real-time on-site corrective assistance; or assessing implementation and  educational programs and beyond, QHR Health is here to assist!

Featured Capabilities:

How We Help Our Clients

  • Program effectiveness evaluations, risk assessments, & mitigation
  • Compliance Officer & Oversight
  • Education & Training
  • Monitoring & Auditing
  • Enforcement & Discipline
  • Code of Conduct & Policies/Procedures
  • Reporting & Communication
  • Response & Corrective Action
  • Physician Arrangement Reviews

We stand ready to help you tackle your compliance challenges. Let’s start a conversation!