Innovative Hospital Supply Chain Management

Get the right supplies at the right time and the best possible cost with supply chain optimization.

We tap the power of our $1.2 billion purchasing network of healthcare organizations to bring economies of scale to independent hospitals, helping you optimize your supply procurement process.

Through PLUS™, a QHR Health company, we deliver affordable and attainable hospital supply chain management that elevates healthcare performance, improves staff satisfaction and drives great patient experiences.

PLUS™ offers clients key advantages aimed at strengthening supply chain performance.

Economies of Scale

Leveraging the value of group purchasing power through a one-price GPO, HealthTrust, and economies of scale through a shared services approach and nearly $1.2 billion of purchasing power


Access to an organization and team that possesses more than 40-years of serving the supply chain needs of independent community healthcare organizations

Proprietary Methodology

A proprietary methodology that benchmarks, tracks, measures and calculates financial value of supply chain performance metrics

Unlike other supply chain service companies, PLUS™ is built specifically to serve healthcare organizations.

This singular focus creates the type of breadth and depth needed to serve the independent healthcare care market. Through our Impact Team approach, our clients receive:

  • Individualized plans that address supply chain goals
  • Customized supply chain solutions for those who have unique market challenges
  • Guaranteed flexibility so that they can take advantage of a connected community yet remain independent and make decisions that are best for their institutions and communities
  • A comprehensive service offering that includes services such as: Strategic Sourcing Pharmacy Optimization, Materials Management Excellence, Technology and Process Improvement, Analytics Service

Accelerating supply chain evolution through innovation and customization.

We leverage economies of scale and a large healthcare network to help you take advantage of a connected community and remain independent — making decisions that are best for your institutions and communities. We do this by creating individual client plans, customizing solutions and providing flexible, tailored solutions.


We stand ready to help you strengthen your hospital supply chain performance.