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Supply Chain Solutions

We know where you are coming from because we've been there, too. Our Supply Chain experts have been in this profession for years and are here to offer you not only discounted pricing and cost containment systems that work, they are here to offer a partnership and consulting service that spans the life of our relationship.

Let us help you level the playing field

Even if you have already have access to HealthTrust, you may not be getting the full advantage offered to larger organizations. We can help level that field. In fact, item by item comparison shows our discounts are, on average, 7-12% greater than other group purchasing organizations (GPOs).

Supply Chain Support

It’s easy to develop weak links in a hospital supply chain. It’s not always easy to find and fix them. We provide onsite support and work with materials managers to assess processes and drive fast and sustainable improvements in savings, service and satisfaction.

Annual compliance reviews focusing on hospital supply optimization help customers meet supply chain goals. And, our hospital supply chain support staff can further assist with contract negotiations, capital acquisition strategies, non-salary expense reduction and materials manager mentoring and development.

In short, we really know where you're coming from and how to get you where you need to be. All you need to do is call us.

  Tony Bramer