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Vantage Workforce Productivity

QHR Health's proprietary productivity management tool gives your executives, managers and front-line supervisors
the information they need to consistently staff at appropriate levels

Custom Targets

Set targets that meet or exceed national benchmarks and reflect your unique operating environment

Reduce Labor Costs

Improve cost center efficiency with targets and reports specific to each department


Greater Flexibility

Continuously adjust staffing levels as patient volumes fluctuate

Detect Trends

Get insights into how metrics like productivity, overtime usage and skill mix change over time and how those changes impact financial goals

Data You Want + Help You Need

Vantage Workforce Productivity is more than a software solution. It provides the information and tools you need to implement flexible staffing standards and monitor performance. With Vantage Workforce Productivity, you can make better hiring decisions, quickly adjust staffing levels, and more easily manage overtime and agency usage.


Track key operating trends by department by pay period.


Accurately project appropriate staffing levels by keeping track of daily shift hours.


Need to find savings quickly? QHR's consulting team will be there to help you analyze your data and identify actionable next steps. 

Data At Your Fingertips

Stay on top of your daily productivity

CNO Dashboard

Give nurse executives quick and easy visibility into daily nursing unit productivity so they can identify key areas that need attention and affect improvement in a timely manner

Bed Huddle

Accurately project appropriate staffing throughout the organization based on patient census and helps identify opportunities to float labor between units in order to optimize staffing

Shift Calculator

By entering shift hours, labor productivity target and department volumes, decision makers can accurately project appropriate staffing levels

Hospital Dashboards

Hospital dashboards provide hospital-level productivity metrics with multiple layers of drill down capabilities to allow for easy root cause analysis

Department Dashboards

Department dashboards bring essential productivity metrics to the forefront of manager’s minds and provides visibility into how well departments are flexing staff to align with changing patient volumes

Premium Pay Monitoring

Monitor, trend and flag usage of avoidable premium pay types like overtime at both the department and employee level

Peer Comparative Data

Stay in line with industry trends with up-to-date national peer benchmarks displayed for median, top quartile and top decile levels